Online Roulette

One of the most popular casino games is the roulette. The satisfaction of simply opening a browser and enter the virtual game room is extremely powerful, that’s why more and more of gamblers are choosing this version of the traditional roulette.

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Online Roulette Strategy

The game of roulette is one of the most fun and exciting. It has been one of the first casino games to spread very fast in the world. The roulette tables usually have a instant effect on who enters a casino, and its almost impossible to avoid testing some luck with the wheel. However, although it is a game that depends almost exclusively on the factor of luck, it is always possible to test some basic roulette tricks to help minimize losses and extending the hours of fun.

It is always advisable, especially if we have a small amount of chips, opt for external or side bets. It is the option of playing for groups of numbers, rather than launching into a full bet, that although they pay more, involve a much greater risk. The first option you have is color. The payment is one to one. The same goes for odd and even. Combining even and odd with colors we can cover a large area of ​​numbers, with a high probability to win and regain what we have lose. We also have an option to bet dozen and columns, which are groups of 12 numbers, and payment is two to one.

The first roulette system that can be applied, taking into account the outside bets, is the mirror system. The same is repeated in reverse, that is just the result of the last five moves. For example, if you have gone 13, 15, 30, 24 and 1 we should read it as black odd-odd black-red-pair, black-pair, and finally red-odd. If we apply this system we will bet just the opposite, ie red-par, red-par-par black, red and black-par-par. Considering a random distribution of the results of the wheel will increase our chances, it would be highly unlikely to return to the same combination out five times.

Playing side bets will be less profit, but also the risk, so if you’re a looking for a long time of fun this is the way forward. Furthermore, using this roulette strategy, you are guaranteed a high rate of success.