• Beneficial Holdings Incorporated applies Nevada intrastate licence

    Posted on March 26, 2012 by in Gambling News

    Beneficial Holding, based in Nicaragua, currently operates sportsbook.cr and bet.cr. As part of their strategy to move into the United States market, has applied for a license to offer online poker to residents of Nevada.

    This license would enable Beneficial Holdings Incorporated to offer online casino games in partnership with an approved land-based casino operator in Nevada and with a licence under Nevada Regulation 5A they may be able to offer non-gaming hotels access to the online casino.

    Beneficial Holdings Incorporated statement:

    “The company is in negotiations with several consultants who work with Nevada licensed casinos to finalise a joint venture agreement. In the interim, the company is establishing a system that will begin with poker and, as regulations allow the expansion into other areas of play, offer live dealer games.”

    “The company, as a Nevada corporation, will acquire the facilities to headquarter its technology in Nevada to make it a true intra-state offering. As other states begin to allow licensing of online casinos, the company will attempt to utilise its forthcoming Nevada facilities where possible.”

    “Pursuant to the September 2011 opinion by the United States Department of Justice authored by Assistant Attorney General Virginia Seitz finding that the Wire Act of 1961 only applies to sports gaming bets, the company believes that opportunities will be available for it on an intra-state level, state-by-state, as regulations are issued. As such, the company will focus its energy domestically during this year.”

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